Canvas Wall Art

Our canvas designs come with multiple options. They are printed with UV resistant pigment ink, and all materials come from sustainable sources. We print and frame in-house to keep end costs low and highly competitive.

Sound Absorption Canvas Art

The empty space behind every canvas panel is filled with a special foam (used by professional sound studios), which helps reduce reverberations and ambient noise levels. The more panels that are installed, the greater the noise reduction will be. When placed in guest rooms, it decreases the reverberations from the television and music. Not only will your guests love the art, they will be in a quieter environment, which will allow them to truly appreciate their stay with you.

LED-lit Wall Art

Illuminate your guests with wall art when they enter their hotel room. With small LED lights placed precisely behind canvas panels where there is a light in the design, candles will look real, city lights will truly glow and lanterns will shine to light the way. The guest is given full control of the lights through the convenience of an included remote.

Geometrical New Concepts

Multi-shaped wall hangings, ranging from smooth circles to sharp-edged triangles, these singular, geometrical shapes are bold and distinct…a true innovation for wall art. All the images and shapes fully customizable, giving the designer an immense range of creativity. They are made from MDF wood with pigment ink printed directly on the surface, and a matte finish gives the artwork a rich texture and a sense of depth.

Aroma Art

Aroma art: Place pure, essential oils in a diffuser within the artwork. The image and the subtle aromas work together to create a feast for the senses.

Split Panel Canvas Wall Art

Split panel canvas prints allows the background wall colour to come through and blend with the artwork, integrating the environment into the design. The split panel concept provides great flexibility and can be installed around corners and curved walls. Select from our vast library of nature images, or customized your designs.

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You have full control over your designs, from the selection of the image, to the dimensions, to the placement of special features on your wall art.

Alternatively, allow our team of in-house designers to assist you. We provide you with image, design and style suggestions that best fit with your decor and project needs.

We work seamlessly with your business and your interior designers to quickly produce initial drafts and samples for your approval in order to meet project deadlines.

You can be confident your order will be exactly as you want.

Rest assured that we manufacture and ship high volumes in a timely manner, all while maintaining our high-quality benchmarks.

Our factories have the capacity to produce 1500 units per day. This includes printing, framing, and packaging, so even large orders with a tight deadline can be completed on time. Every print run is scrutinized by our team to meet our quality standards and to guarantee your order is as you want.

We keep communication channels open through all steps of your order, from initial design, to production and delivery of your order.

Exterior framing is fully customizable and comes in any material or style. We offer metal, wood, and cloth frames (including our patented padded fusion frame), among others and as well as multiple styles, from contemporary and ornate, to traditional and rustic. The surface finish and color palette for all frames is entirely flexible.