Fusion Wall Art

Through the creative fusion of different elements, truly modern and unique designs have been developed.

Fusion Frame: Our oil paintings are fused with small sculpted pebbles, jewelry, and other fine adornments and then embedded in our patented silk-padded cushion frames. These silk-padded frames are something that have never been seen before. Plush fabric is padded with cotton, much like the backboard of a bed, and is framed around the wall art. It creates continuity in a guest’s room, from the bed to the wall art above it, and is both a tactile and visual experience. The fusion of these different elements create a truly modern and luxurious work of art, designed for 5 star hotels. All elements of this unique design are fully customizable, allowing one to fuse the design with the décor of their establishment. This art work embodies the melding of our years of experience with our craftsmanship and artistic heritage, allowing you to present a truly lavish design.

Resin Fusion Wall Art: Transparent resin is meticulously applied in multiple layers, forming a work of art with an unparalleled sense of depth and luster. Other refined elements, such as delicate crystals and jewelry, can also be infused and extended from the surface of the art work. This gives a 3 dimensional effect and with the combination of the luminescent resin finish, it is elevated to an inspiring artisanal creation.