Resin Art

The latest in innovative and inspiring wall art. Heated, liquid resin is slowly poured into crafted molds and left to dry under natural conditions, after which it is carefully hand-painted and precisely mounted onto an HDF (high-density fiberboard) backboard. This masterful technique allows for any manner of remarkable and original 3D wall art to be created.

The resin is sourced from sustainably grown pine trees and a high percentage is vegetable oil. This renewable source replaces petrochemical components in the resin and eliminates harmful by-products such as chlorinated hydrocarbons, thereby significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

Choose from over 300 of our personalized designs or fully customize and create your own singular wall art to tastefully match the d├ęcor of your establishment.

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You have full control over your wall art, from the design of the 3D molds, to the dimensions, to the color and finish.

Alternatively, allow our team of in-house designers to assist you. We provide you with design and style suggestions that best fit with your decor and project needs.

We work seamlessly with your business and your interior designers to quickly produce initial drafts and samples for your approval in order to meet project deadlines.

You can be confident your order will be exactly as you want.

Rest assured that we manufacture and ship high volumes in a timely manner, all while maintaining our high-quality benchmarks.

Our factories have the capacity to produce hundreds of units every day. After the molds have been decided upon, our production is streamlined, so even large orders with a tight deadline can be completed on time. Every design is scrutinized by our quality assessment team, assuring your order is as you want.

We keep communication channels open through all steps of your order, from initial design, to production and delivery.

The use of 3D molds allows for the creation of stunning, never-before seen artworks. Our mandate is to bring your ideas for inspiring, innovative wall art to life, something that will captivate your guests and have them talking to their friends and spreading the word about your establishment and your unique art.